This is us, Kamera-lah!. A place for you to look and find used film cameras from the range of SLR, Medium Format, LOMO and not forgetting the tiny Point and Shoot, plus a few photography accessories that will quench your "thirst" in photography.
We will not sell faulty gears as we are also do photography as our favourite past time, so we know what is the criteria for a camera to be classified as functional. Apart from that, we are also a registered member of these two merchant websites; PRO Niaga and PayPal. Therefore, you may shop with us with confidence as we are no-no to fraud online scam.
Most of the camera here is imported from overseas and some are from local collections. Once in the blue moon, we will also provide "How-To", camera manual and also some photography tips for you to enhance you knowledge about photography. So stay tune.
We hope that, our presence in Malaysian photography scene will encourage more people to jump and swim into the joy of photography :)


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