RM40 inclusive return shipping and handling fees

Greetings! and Assalamualaikum guys.

As one of the trusted label in Malaysian analog photography scene, we strive to give our clients the most innovative range of services available in the market. In line with our mission to offer best analog photography experiences to our customers, we are very pleased to inform you that we are now offering lens cleaning service.

This cleaning service is provided to the lens that have dusts and fungus streak in or on it glass. As for the time being we will only accept prime lenses and some TLRs (text us for inquiry), starting from thread diameter of  60mm until ⌀ 20mm. Please be advised, we will not accept any dent filter thread lens as it is impossible to unscrew the lens unless using special tools.

As our R&D in cleaning zoom lenses succeeds  in some near future, we will also put it in our cleaning service list.

The flow of service steps are as follow;

1) Customer inform us to send lens for cleaning.
2) We will reply back with address and information.
3) Customer send the lens (shipping and handling expenses are to be paid by customer).
4) We received the lens, inform the customer, and proceed with the cleaning works.
5) If cleaning works turns out OK, we will send an invoice for payment.*
6) Customer clear the payment as instructed.
7) We return back the lens to customer.

*If the cleaning works turns out unsuccessful, no charge will be imposed to the customer. We will send it back for free of charges.

Please make sure you handle and pack your lens carefully to minimize impact shock during delivery process. As in our side, Kamera-lah! will always pack your lens with padded bubble wrap and strong box to ensure maximum safety. 

Hope to hear soon from you guys. Thanks very much.


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