Description & Specs.
Type: Viewfinder camera using zone focus symbols on the lens barrel.
Manufacturer: Agfa Germany
Year of launch: 1970s
Film: 35mm with speeds 25 to 400 ASA
Lens: Rokkor  40mm f3.5 Agnatar lens, with three-zone focusing, stopping down to f22.
Shutter: Leaf shutter, shutter speed was set electronically between 1/30 & 1/300s.
Metering: CdS photo resistor
Dimensions: 116×71×53 mm

All features and specs has been tested and there are working properly. Shutter fires accordingly according the exposure reading.  The rangefinder eyepiece is clean and properly sync with lens. Lens, rewind crank, ISO adjuster and all parts that move this little camera are working efficiently. We can say that, its previous owner really took a good care of it (in term of functionality). Just, its outer appearances show heavy usage from it previous owner. Actually this is my camera, I need to make some extra spaces in my dry box :)

At the third picture, you can see the film counter cover is broken, but not necessarily affect the operation of this camera , even no light leaks!

So, if you're into street photography, this rangefinder camera is for you. The shutter clicks silently you know :)
As you can see in the picture, we may rate this Agfa Optima 335 body for its overall condition; 7.5/10. Plus, we'll also provide a soft copy of the camera manual in English for your reference. Plus, battery is also included.

See how we grade our cameras! - HERE

Item Weight
+- 800gm

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