Description & Specs.
Film type: 135 (35mm)
Picture size: 24 x 36mm
Lens: M42 screw-mount auto Tessar Carl Zeiss Jena DDR 50mm f/2.8
Filter size: 42mm threaded
Shutter: Metal focal plane
Shutter speeds: B, 1-1/1000, sync at 1/125
Viewfinder SLR: (ground glass, microprism spot)
Exposure meter: TTL CdS
ASA settings: 12-1600

All features and specs has been tested and there are working properly. Although there are traces of usage, but concurrent with its age, we can say that this Germany made camera is still good and fires it shutter accordingly, light meter tested and it is reacting correctly to the light. Inner and outer part is clean (see photos). Unfortunately, the viewfinder is a bit foggy at the upper side of the eyepiece area, however, as far as I'm concerned, you still can see and focus easily through it and I can guarantee you that it will never affect the end result (pictures) from this camera. The proper battery for this camera is hard to obtain and expensive, so I already DIY-ed a LR44 battery to juice this camera light meter.

Apart from that, this camera is bundled with Petri CC Auto 55mm lens with maximum aperture of f/1.8. As for your information, exposure that is taken with aperture opening at f/1.8 will give you a nice bokeh and shallow depth of field.

No oil stain at the blades, focusing ring turns accordingly, aperture open and close smoothly at all f-value. Plus, we'll also provide a soft copy of its manual for your reference Besides that, I've already changed the light seals, so you don't have to worry. Just load film in it and shoot!.

As the condition of this camera is like what I explained above, so to be reasonable I will ask you for only RM280 inclusive with postage fees. This set may be your second film camera unit, or as an addition for your M42 collection.


Sample Images
Flickr's Images tagged with Petri CC Auto 55/1.8


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