Description & Specs.
This lens was modified by me to suit the purposes of shooting video footage in Canon EOS DSLR. I've already removed the aperture clicks that sometimes become an issue for videographer, especially when they recording the audio input via internal or hot-shoe microphone. This means, you can change the aperture and control the light amount just like those Cine Lenses, without clicks.

This package do includes, its original screws and ball bearing that I removed before during the "modify" stage, a Pentax K Mount to Canon EOS Mount adapter and also a polarizer filter (one of the essential things for videographer). You may read it more in Vimeo Video School - HERE

This lens can also be used as a normal 50mm lens in Aperture Priority Mode or Manual Mode in the camera.

I've already tested all the functions of this lens, and they are working properly. No fungus though some presence of dusts. Overall condition is 8.5/10

Item Weight
+- 350gm

Sample Images from Flickr
The capabilities of Chinon Glasses in Flickr


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