Description & Specs.
Manufacturer: Asahi Optical
Place of Manufacture: Japan
Date of Manufacture: 1962-71
Focusing System: Single-lens reflex with pentaprism eye-level viewfinder, Lens use helicoid focusing
Lens Mount: Pentax/Praktica screwmount (M42)
Shutter: Focal plane shutter
1 sec ~ 1/500 + 1/1000
X-sync = 1/60
Metering System: Clip-on CdS meter (N/A), Flash Hotshoe, PC connection
Film type / speeds: 135 type (35mm standard film) ASA - 3200
Battery type: Meter takes 1.3v mercury PX-400 (N/A)

All specifications and functions were tested and there are working properly. The body of the camera shows sign of light usage from its previous owner. However, though its old age, this camera still looks excellent. It has a light weight body compared to other brand SLR film camera. Apart from that, this camera bundled with the famous Super Takumar 55mm f/1.8 which I do not need to explain further its awesomeness here. Lens is clean, focusing ring rotates smoothly, aperture stop clicks accordingly. However there are minute presence of dusts in the inner side that I can assure you, it will not affect the end results. Lens cap is included.

As this camera is fully mechanical, so there is no battery needed to operate it, however the light meter will need a battery to operate. New light seals and mirror bumper. As an addition, for those who are looking for their first SLR camera, this lightweight Asahi Pentax is for you. We will also provide you a soft copy of the manual for your references. Leather strap included in the package.

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