Description & Specs.
Produced : 1980-86 Olympus Optical Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Film type : 135 (35mm)
Picture size : 24mm x 36mm
Lens : D.Zuiko 35mm 1:3.5-22 (4 elements in 3 groups)
Focal range : 1.3m to infinity in 3 zones
Shutter : Olympus between-lens
Shutter speeds : 2s-1/750 aperture-priority automatic
Viewfinder : Albada-type bright-line finder
Exposure meter : CdS
Battery : 2 x SR44 / S76 Silver Oxide button / LR44 Alkaline button
ASA : 25-800
Self-timer : Yes
Winder : Thumbwheel

All features and specs has been tested and there are working properly. Shutter fires accordingly. The viewfinder is clean and free from blemish. Film thumb wheel, light meter (tested), film counter and ASA dial are also in good working condition. Based from its outer and inner appearances, we may say that this precious gem from Olympus was rarely being used. The paint and body condition is as shown in the picture.

In addition, as for you information, the flash unit; A11 is also has been tested and proved to be working. You just need to add an AA battery in it. Apart from that, this camera needs to be operated in well lit surrounding or the shutter will not fire. However, if you attach the A11 together with the body, shooting in dark area is not a problem at all. With its small size and unobtrusive appearance, I bet this camera is suitable for those who are into street photography genre. Plus, this XA2 is also popular among Lomographers out there.

As you can see in the picture, we may rate this Olympus XA2 for its overall condition; 8.5/10 and as usual, we'll also provide a soft copy of the camera manual in English for your reference.

See how we grade our cameras! - HERE

Item Weight
+- 700gm (together with its presentation box and manuals)

Sample Images from Flickr
XA2 Pool


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