Description & Specs.
Lens Mount: Leitz 39mm screw mount (LTM or M39)
Filter Thread: 34.5mm - 40.5mm (Jupiter-8)
Shutter type: horizontal rubberized cloth focal-planeShutter speed range: t second to 1/500 second; Bulb
Shutter speeds: B, ½ to 1/1000 of a second.
Flash sync speeds: 1/30
Flash sync via: PC terminal for FP and X, no hot shoe, sync delay is adjustable in milliseconds
Film speed metering range: N/A
Exposure compensation: Unlimited
Battery: No batteries required
Multiple Exposures: No
Viewfinder: Combined viewfinder/rangefinder, single focal length view only
Rangefinder base: 38mm

All features and specs has been tested and there are working properly. Although there are traces of usage, but concurrent with its age, we can say that this piece of Soviet era gem is still good and fires it shutter fluently. In addition, Jupiter 8 itself is actually a fast lens with maximun aperture at f/2.0 . No oil stain at the blades, focusing ring turns accordingly, aperture open and close smoothly at all f-value. Plus, we'll also provide a soft copy of its manual too.

Next, this is what I quote from a staff at - LINK HERE

"The Zorki-4 emerged in 1954. With its ‘Leica-like’ finish, it retained the best qualities of the previous models; variable flash sync delay, and shutter speeds in one dial. Among those who battled it out when the Zorki 4 came out were Leica M3, Nikon S2, and Canon VT, and even fellow Zorkis (S and 2S models). But the Zorki 4 survived the race, running a successful production of 17 years – making it the most popular among the Zorki family. It has proven its worth as an inexpensive alternative to the Leica. The shutter makes a somewhat distracting ‘Snap’ sound, which can be inconvenient if you’re shooting candidly. But hey, that’s easy to overlook, considering that it uses the ‘Jupiter-8’ lens, which is famous for the high-contrast, color, and sharpness that it yields!"

Item Weight
+- 1300gm

Sample Images from Flickr
World Best Photos from Jupiter 8


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