Description & Specs.
Type : 35mm focal-plane shutter single-lens reflex camera with TTL exposure meter coupled with the shutter and diaphragm.
Film Used : 135 cartridge-packed film.
Picture Size : 24 x 36mm
Shooting Distance : 0.6m
Shutter :  Focal-plane shutter, B-1/2-1/700 sec. Film speed indicator window built into Shutter Speed Selector Dial, built-in self-timer, X-contact hotshoe.
Viewfinder : Pentaprism eye-level viewfinder 0.96 X magnification, 90% vertical 92% horizontal field of view (with F1.9 50mm lens), shutter speed scale and indicator needle, microprism focusing center, split image and ground glass.
Mirror : Quick return type.
Exposure Meter : TTL center weighted averaging type. Silicon photocell receptor coupled to FET (Field Effect Transistor) circuit; 3-LED exposure indicator in viewfinder.

All features and specs has been tested and there are working properly. Although there are traces of usage, but concurrent with its age, we can say that this camera is still in good condition and fires it shutter accordingly, light meter tested and it is reacting correctly to the light. Inner and outer part is clean (see photos). Timer working efficiently. This camera body is in its 8.5/10.

Apart from that, this camera is bundled with X-Fujinon 50mm lens with maximum aperture of f/1.9. Lens is clean as a whole but there is presence of small strain of fungus, but I can guarantee you, it will not affect the end result from this camera (What you see from the viewfinder is what you will get in the picture), just keep the lens away from dampness. About the fungus, I already put the lens under direct sun rays (Ultra Violet Rays) for 5 hours, so as far as I concerned, the fungus strain are already dead. No oil stain at the blades, focusing ring turns accordingly, aperture open and close smoothly at all f-value. In addition , we'll also provide a soft copy of its manual for your reference Besides that, the light seals and mirror damper are still intact, so you don't have to worry. Just load film in it and shoot!. Oh ya, batteries are provided.

More informations about this camera can be read and studied here


Sample Images
Flickr's Images from X-Fujinon Lens


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