Description & Specs.
Type : 35mm single-lens reflex with two separate behind the lens metering systems - one for spot readings, one for averaging type readings.
Film and Picture Size : 35mm film (20 or 36 exposures). 24mm x 36mm
Mount : M42
Shutter : Focal plane type with speeds: B, 1-1/500 sec. Film speed (ASA) setting dial and window on shutter speed dial. Shutter curtains of special rubberized silk.
Exposure Control : Two separate metering systems with one CDS meter cell positioned on the back of the reflex mirror (spot system), and one cell located on each side of the viewfinder eyepiece. In the penta-prism housing (average system). Both metering systems are cross-coupled to camera shutter speeds and diaphragm mechanism of all automatic lenses with Pentax / Praktica / mamiya/sekor universal mounts. Film advance lever switches metering system on and actuates diaphragm of automatic lenses. Metering systems also accurately measure light transmitted through non-automatic lenses, bellows, extension tubes, filters, and other lens attachments. Spot/Averaging selector switch on camera body allows use of either spot or averaging system of exposure calculation.
Finder : Penta-Prism type with diaprism center spot on Fresnel lens for rapid focusing. Brackets visible in finder indicate location of spot meter reading area (6% of field). Pointer and "S" and "A" symbols visible in finder indicate whether spot or averaging metering system is being used. Exposure needle and reference points indicate necessary exposure adjustments.
Flash Synchronization : With Focal Plane bulbs: 1 to 1/1000 second.
With Class "M" bulbs: 1 to 1/30 second.
With Class "F" bulbs: 1 to 1/30 second.
With Electronic Flash: 1/60 second.
The mamiya/sekor 500 DTL has two separate sets of flash contacts, marked "FP" and "X". Proper selection of terminals allow correct synchronization for all types of flash exposure.
Reflex Mirror Instant Return Type.

All features and specs has been tested and there are working properly. Although there are traces of usage, but concurrent with its age, we can say that this camera is still good condition and fires it shutter accordingly, light meter tested and it is reacting correctly to the light. Inner and outer part is clean (see photos). Timer - N/A. This camera body is in its 9/10.

Apart from that, this camera is bundled with Prinzflex 35mm lens with maximum aperture of f/2.8. Lens is clean and clear, no fungus, looks excellent, carrying case is provided. No oil stain at the blades, focusing ring turns accordingly, aperture open and close smoothly at all f-value. In addition , we'll also provide a soft copy of its manual for your reference Besides that, the light seals and mirror damper are just newly changed, so you don't have to worry. Just load film in it and shoot!. Oh ya, this camera does not need any battery. Manual Rules!

More informations about this camera can be read and studied here


Sample Images
What is the capabilities of Prinzflex? Kinda generic but...see this :)


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